It’s Sunday evening and while most of ya’ll are preparing for the busy week ahead, I’m winding down in a sense and getting back to basics. Back to basics in terms where I’m balanced and grounded, where my connection to Source is on point. These past few weeks I’ve been in the process of moving, finishing the spring semester, along with working full-time job. And while it was never forgotten, my spirituality and connecting had definitely taken a back seat to everything else I had going on.

Well, those days are behind me starting tonight. What better way to kick off my blog, than to get back to what prompted me to start this page in the first place. I originally planned to start posting once my page was officially finished but Spirit told me to quit stalling (lol). So, here I am on a Sunday night watching basketball, browsing the internet, and talking to my trusted friend and reader, who’s been with me since the very beginning of my spiritual journey. Tonight, her daily message for me came in the form of an Angel Message that said that there is a reason for everything. Whether it’s good or bad, there is a lesson to be learned from it all. Nothing is left to chance, our Higher Power is in control of it all from the timing of things even down to the execution. Although we may not understand the reasoning for everything occurring in our lives now, there WILL be a time when we see the bigger picture.

By now, you all know this journey did not begin during the happiest of times in my life and had I been given this same message then, it would have went in one ear and out the other. Now, things are finally making sense. The lessons I’ve had to learn this past year weren’t always fun but because of them I’ve learned the importance of being patient, grounded, and loving to not only myself, but those around me. Once again, there is a lesson to be learned in almost every experience.  So for anyone going through a rough patch, and can’t yet see the bright light at the end of the tunnel, go within. Go within, to see what lessons Spirit may be trying to teach you. Not only that, but keep the faith and try your best to stay positive. I know it may be easier said than done, but here’s the thing; it can be done!  So with that being said, stay full of love and light.

And stay blessed.



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