Fast forward a few months later after daily meditations, chakra balancing and healings I began to get messages and confirmations that I was not only on the right path but messages about purpose and lightworking which I’ll discuss more in depth on a future post.I kept getting repetitive messages about serving and teaching others and being a leader. Most of the time, I would brush off the messages and go about my business. I figured since wasn’t a teacher, certified life coach or anything of that nature there was no way I could help someone else.

Even given that, the idea of blogging came to mind.But blog about what? Do people even still blog? The next thing that came to mind was my experiences, everything I had gone through these past few months. Sounded nice, but I’ve always been a fairly private person, so I wasn’t sure how putting myself out there would’ve worked out. So, to the back of my mind all of those ideas went. But as you would have it, when there’s something you should seriously take into consideration, it’ll keep coming up and pestering you until you finally do something about it. Now, after weeks of self denials and saying “maybe, one day…” I decided to just go for it. Sometimes I asked myself what I would talk about? Where would I find the time? Who would even want to read this? At first glance, these seemed like questions any normal person would ask themselves. However, given what I had learned over the last few months, I quickly realized that repeatedly asking questions such as these often creates more doubt and confusion than needed. Thoughts like these are self-limiting distractions that prevent people from accomplishing things and going out into the world.

I rightfully pushed those thoughts away. Not because they negative but because they were not conducive to what I wanted to do. I moved forward. I had faith that if I just shared a little about myself and possibly helped someone in the process that everything would fall into place, wherever this may lead me.



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