Love SelfcareLet’s back up. Before we go any further, let me explain why I decided to create this blog in the first place. What made me decide to share some of my experiences along this journey? You see, when things around had fell apart I really didn’t know what to do.
I needed answers as to why certain events took place, I needed guidance, and once I realized things around me needed to change (including myself), I realized that I needed help. And that help came from the most unlikely of places; an online forum. Yeah, you read that correctly. This all started in an online forum I would frequent to waste time for the most part and catch up on current events. This website has many forums for different things,and I usually stuck to a chosen few.

When I was searching for answers I felt I desperately needed I found myself drawn to one of the site’s forums which I rarely if ever ventured into. I guess you could say Spirit/Source/God or whomever you choose to call your Higher Power was guiding me to the light so to speak. The name of the forum was called the New Age Religion and Spirituality. Why I found myself in that forum, I can’t explain since I have never been religious by any means. But I was there and I was thankful. One of the first things I noticed was the energy and vibes of everyone in this forum. It was more inviting and peaceful than the rest of the website. I had come across threads discussing topics such as Law of Attraction, manifestation, frequencies and meditation.

Initially, I had no idea what this stuff was, but I was intrigued. I had found a place where there was women like me on a quest for peace of mind, balance, using positivity and faith to get through whatever they may have been going through at that given moment. I had found a place where these women were warm and open to sharing their knowledge and techniques to getting where they wanted to go, unbeknownst to them that they were inspiring me and guiding me along my path. They made recommendations on videos and written works that helped them. I did some investigating and looked into some books by spiritual authors such as Eckhart Tolle, Esther and Abraham Hicks, or Louise Hay. Everything began to click as I realized that the mind is a powerful thing. My thoughts and my ideas help create some of my experiences, good and bad.


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