BagsYour girl needs to get away…unwind, relax, and connect. That’s exactly why I’m hitting the road this weekend and traveling over 400 miles from Florida to a Bed & Breakfast called the Dahlonega Spa Resort.Located just outside of Atlanta, near the Blue Ridge Mountains this resort offers Yoga retreats,mountain views with walking trails for outside enthusiasts, and a spa with plenty of amenities for those interested in staying indoors. Now while I do need some time away, this trip is much more than a vacation.While in Georgia, I will be attending The Ultimate Journey for Purpose and Passion with YANA (You Are Not Alone) Sisters a community I initially found on the popular website Meetup.

How I even decided to sign up for this retreat is a journey in itself. A few months ago, I felt the urge to get out into the world, travel, engage in some new experiences and meet people such as myself; people enlightened in a sense. I remember asking the Angels to help me find positive, good people that I can relate to and openly share my experiences with.

After I asked Spirit to send someone my way, I went on and took a nap of course. When I woke, I had this strange inkling to get on my laptop and go on There were hundreds of groups in my area but I only added myself to two; a group for travelers and YANASisters. Upon adding myself to my city’s chapter of YANASisters I saw they had a Meetup weeks down the the line at Dahlonega Spa Resort for a weekend full of sessions regarding passion & purpose and activities such as meditation, prayer and vision-boarding. I was in awe because I just knew Spirit had answered my prayers and guided me to this group because I was just meant to be there.

Even knowing this I went back and forth with myself about signing up for this trip, coming up with the most ridiculous of excuses as to why I shouldn’t go. I don’t know why I was wasting time doing this back and forth nonsense when I knew I would ultimately end up signing up for the damn trip any ways. Apparently, this ‘self-sabotage tango’ was a an old habit that refused to go without a fight. I prevailed of course! I plopped down the deposit and now I’m getting my laundry together so I can begin packing tomorrow. I’m not exactly sure what to expect once I make it to the retreat as I haven’t met any of the other ladies participating. However, I’m optimistic and looking forward to about what’s in store this weekend.


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