mountain viewI officially returned from my trip to Georgia on Monday morning but with school, work and me being a bit under the weather, sharing my experiences with you all had been put on hold for a few days. I’m feeling better now so now I’m going to share my experience attending The Ultimate Retreat: the Journey to Purpose and Passion.

After a good 5-6 hours on the road I arrived at the Dahlonega Spa Resort around 2:00 PM and swiftly headed to get the hot stone massage I had scheduled beforehand. Later that afternoon I was able to meet the 32 other women who were hosting and attending the retreat during a wine tasting sponsored by one of the local wineries.After the wine tasting and dinner, the first session started in the resort’s Yoga Hall. We introduced ourselves and did some vision-boarding.

The next morning, I explored the property by myself and walked the nature trail before breakfast in lieu of the inspirational workout scheduled at the same time.food1 I connect with spirit well and get the most clarity sometimes while being out in nature. I walked at least 1-2 miles up and down steep inclines. A workout like that would usually leave me worn out and sore for days, but I actually felt refreshed afterwards. Aside from immersing myself in Georgia’s wilderness for my walk, this weekend was probably the healthiest weekend of my life in terms of food. It was fresh, and healthy but it tasted great. Some meals included white fish tacos, a chickpea casserole, and a flour-less chocolate torte.

I wished the retreat lasted longer, as it was only for two days. It full of inspiration and love from people I’ve never met before.I bonded with some amazing women throughout the weekend and during the Purpose session I attended for those trying to not only find our purpose in life, but also take the necessary steps to get us tasting This session was especially important to me as I have been given many clues as to what my purpose may be (leadership, teaching and serving others). Knowing this, my biggest question had always been “how?”. How do I lead and teach others without credentials on paper?  How do I do these things and stay true to myself? And my biggest question, ” What in the world do I have to teach people? What I found during this session, was I may already be living my purpose. Not just with this blog, or my aspirations to be a nurse but with me just being. Maybe the growth and lessons I’ve learned and obtained over time show others that you can change, you can leave old people and traits that do not positively serve you behind to become the person you were always meant to be. Maybe my positive energy and optimistic outlook regardless of what may be going on behind the scenes will rub off on others, and they’ll learn that true happiness comes from within.

I originally signed up for the trip to get away but I left inspired and with some new friends to boot!  So yeah, the Blue Ridge Mountain views were amazing but lovely women I met and overall experience was even better.


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