Reflecting and connecting with SourceChange is good, I know. However, change can seem daunting when you don’t necessarily have every single move mapped out quite yet. That is exactly why it’s been a bit quiet over here lately. Well, let me correct myself. have been a bit quiet lately. Much of the week has been used to get some things in order as well as a time for some self reflection.

In earlier posts, I mentioned that I would be quitting my full-time job to start nursing school this Fall. Just a few years ago I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and thought that was it. Boy, was I wrong. The games, feeling boxed in, and surrounded by negative people for at least 40 hours a week was brutal. The overwhelming sense of being unfulfilled was more than enough to have me giving this a second thought.

It just so happened that my soul growth called for a career change more in line with my life purpose of serving, teaching and inspiring others. By the time I learned of life purpose I was almost finished completing my prerequisites for Nursing. It’s funny how I was already planting seeds for my future and didn’t even know it. Now, here I am a little over two weeks from starting school and trying my best to stay cool given all that I still had to do.

After the stagnation I experienced the other week things are finally moving along.Taking notes I’ve been able to register for classes, faint at the cost of tuition, and purchase some supplies. There was so much to do for school in addition to my other obligations, I had to write a list. Can someone please tell me on Wednesday at work when I was scratching items off my list, why I forgot to add  ” two weeks notice” to the list? I looked at my desk calendar and realized that I had to turn that sucker in Friday in order to give my job proper notice.

Upon realizing this, a little bit of sadness came over me. Not because of the job itself because everyone and their “momma” knows that I have been ready to GO. There was sadness over the relationships and bonds I formed over the years. While I did come across situations and people I could have done without. I came across even better people that I am actually going to miss. Hopefully they’ll miss me too. I haven’t quite found a way to break the news to them yet without the whole department getting in my business but I’ll figure something out. In the meantime, I make the most of these next two weeks and keep my eyes on the future. While we had a great run, it’s time for me to move on.



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