The weekend is finally here and I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling great! The Florida heat is doing what it does best, so I’m staying inside today. There’s nothing wrong with that though. I’m perfectly content right now watching Food Network and sipping on a delicious glass of Sangria.  I did all my running around yesterday after I left work early for a doctor’s appointment. After I finished with my appointment, I decided to get some much needed shopping done.

To be honest, I’m a woman but I am not a woman who likes to shop. So when I do have to shop, I prefer to do it online. It’s often cheaper and it’s feels like Christmas year-round when I see my delivered packages waiting by the front door. Being that I’m working on some things this weekend I needed to actually take my butt to the store to get a few items. And since I don’t like spending money (at east my own ha ha) or spending more than I have to, I headed to the dollar store.

I went to Dollar tree and Family Dollar because I wanted to buy some more candles and I needed some containers for a honey jar I’m making. Of course, I ended up buying stuff I didn’t plan on but things happen. While shopping in Dollar Tree I found a 2-pack of tiny mason jars and some 7 day candles. I also grabbed a new pair of COBY earbuds to use during meditation. I use earbuds because I use my phone to listen to meditation videos on on YouTube. There are a variety of meditation videos on the app (or website), and the great thing is they’re free.

Soul ShoppingI picked up two books as well while shopping. The books were Choosing Easy World by Julia Rogers Hamrick and US: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships That Matter Most by Lisa Oz. These were $1 apiece and definitely in my budget. The last thing I grabbed were the white candles which are pretty universal. I was originally looking for green candles but neither store had that color. I went to Family Dollar grabbed a pack of taper candles and tea light candles that were of nicer quality there. These size candles were the perfect size to go on top of my small honey jars so it all worked out.

I now have enough candles to last me awhile. Even if they don’t have a specific purpose for each candle I still like having them around to light during my meditation sessions. In addition to candles, I enjoy burning incense while meditating. I use HEM incense that I typically buy off eBay or Amazon. There are many sellers on eBay who sell this brand on eBay and often times you can pick and choose different scents, usually five or six scents (20 sticks in each box) and only pay around $6 for the order and that’s with FREE Shipping! I would do this and once I found my staple scents I would go to Amazon and buy the large box of each scent (120 sticks) for around $5.99 each. I have an Amazon Prime membership so whenever I do need to stock up, I get my goods in two days including Sundays. This initial fee may seem daunting at first but the membership has definitely paid for itself in terms of shipping costs alone.

These are some of the ways I save money on the things I need at any given moment. Hopefully I was able to give you all some tips and tricks in the process. Feel free to ask any questions or share how you save money on some of the things you’re into. Until next time,



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