In the midst of our busy lives it’s so easy to get caught up with work, family, or other ventures. And perhaps like you, when I get a moment to myself, I make sure it’s all about me. I might grab a glass of wine, catch up on sleep or curl up with a few good books. In the event that I do choose to read a book I try to make sure it’s positive and uplifting to my spirit as far as vibrations go. Being the budget conscious person I am, I like to make sure a good deal on anything I buy. So in this week’s post I’ll share how I pay little or nothing at all on the books I read.


Audiobooks are my preferred method of reading due to their convenience and accessibility. If I needed to block out any negativity or noise at work I would pull up an audiobook on my phone and just put in my earbuds.  Being an Amazon Prime member, I have membership with Audible which is under the Amazon umbrella.  I started with the free 30 day trial then after that I paid $14.95 a month for a subscription. That includes includes one free audiobook of my choice each month. Audible’s library of books is expansive and they have radio and television programs on their site as well.

Book and audio content appIn the event that there’s multiple books I want to read within the month I go through my city’s public library. Many public libraries partner with other sites and companies to give members access to literary content without having to leave the comfort of their homes. With an active library card, I gain access to sites like Hoopla where I can “borrow” up to 8 available books and movies a month free of charge. Other similar sites are OverDrive and Axis 360. When I go through my public library to get books I am not paying for anything at all. This is great for those like me who like to do it big on a budget.


Another option to obtaining free or inexpensive books is by to a quick search on the internet. I say this because if the book you’re looking for was ever popular at some point in time, then chances are it has been made into an e-book. The books download as PDF file and again, I don’t have to pay a thing. When searching for books online, sometimes I’ll come across an audio version of the book on YouTube. It’s rare but I’ve gotten lucky before. It’s always worth a try.

Brick and Mortar Stores: Dollar Tree

dollar tree booksIf you don’t mind a typo or two, paper books can be found In stores like Dollar Tree. Some books found in dollar stores may have typos and other minor errors, or they could be overstocks from retail bookstores. Nevertheless, these are still real books you could pay a lot more for elsewhere. During my last shopping trip to Dollar Tree I found two books for a steal. After digging through each book shelf, I walked away with US: Transforming Ourselves ad the Relationships That Matter Most by Lisa Oz (wife of Dr. Oz) which retailed at $26.00 at one point. I also picked up Choosing Easy World: A Guide to Opting Out of Struggle and Strife and Living in the Amazing Realm Where Everything Is Easy by Julia Rogers Hamrick which retailed at $19.99. I only payed a dollar for each book, who can beat that?

Hopefully, this post was able to help out anyone interested in getting books without having to break the bank. Being a little resourceful goes a long way. See you next time,


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