Life gets busy. Life has its demands. But what about you? In between work, school, and taking care of your family what are you doing for you? I’m not talking about a day on the golf course or a few hours by yourself at the mall. I’m referring to your heart, your soul, the thing that helps keep you connected to Source. With everything occurring in our day-to-day lives how are you staying balanced, grounded, and focused on your goals and purpose. How are you feeding your soul?

Nurturing the mind, body, and soul is sometimes the last thing on our minds, when we know deep down that it should be one of the first. You see, when I’m off, I know it. I feel unbalanced and easily overwhelmed. This is when I have to take a step back and get myself together. If you’re like me however, you don’t want to get off track and try to play catch-up later. You like to maintain a sense of balance and harmony everyday. This is why I  try feed myself on a daily basis. I make it easy and I don’t spend hours doing it so it works around a busy schedule.

booksRule Number One: There are no rules. Just don’t overthink it. Keep things as simple and effortless as possible. If there’s an activity that puts a smile on your face and raises your vibrations, then engage. Even if it’s just for five minutes, read a chapter of an inspiring book or write a few pages in your  journal. For instance, I’ve been reading the same book, US: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships That Matter Most by Lisa Oz for almost a month now. It’s a relatively short book, but I can only read a couple pages when time permits and that’s okay. When I do pick that book up though, I make the most out of that time and get everything I need out of those few pages.

Another way I feed my soul is by getting outside. You don’t  always need to head to the beach or park, I sure don’t. I just leave my phone on the table, go outside and sit. When my dog needs to go “out”, I take a few minutes to go out  in the backyard with her and enjoy nature for a moment. During this time I usually take a few deep breaths and do some reflecting. I also make sure to take in the elements as well. Whether it’s the breeze, overgrown grass, birds singing, or squirrels running amok., I make sure to notice it all and enjoy the moment.

feeding the soulMeditation is one method I use to ground myself. I keep that simple too. My meditation sessions range from 5 to 30 minutes. Any longer than that and I’m falling asleep (no shame). Usually I’ll do a Chakra meditation to stay balanced and centered. I do it before bed since that works for me. Every once and awhile I’ll listen to some sleep mediation music when I’m tired and just want to go to bed. If you’d like, you can even try shower meditation. Please make sure you lock the bathroom door though ( I know didn’t care if my mother was enjoying some quiet time alone before I barged in, and I’m sure your kids to mind disturbing your peace and serenity either).

If meditating or hugging trees, isn’t your thing, no worries. The more you’re able to find something that aligned with your interest and works for you, the more likely you are to stick with it. Even if it’s a few words of scripture, a short poem, or conversation with someone who encourages and uplifts you, go for it. This is something you’ll be thanking yourself now and later for.


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  1. This post was like it was written because I need it. It seems I become anxious and overwhelmed on Sundays. I need to find something new that gives me peace, but most of all I need to calm down and learn to turn off and striving for perfection that will neve come. It’s so addictive.

    • Tiki there’s nothing wrong with striving for greatness but remember you’re already perfect in God’s eyes and to each and every person who looks up to you. I see how hard you work (lol, you stay cranking out the videos). Get that time in for you. For every hour you put in work, give yourself 5 (even if it’s complete silence) and go from there.

      …and don’t forget to BREATHE, phew lol

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