As usual, I have been inspired to re-evaluate my long-term (and short-term) goals this week. Even things “I’d like to do” one day have been pushed to the fore-front as well. Perhaps, getting back on track has something to with it. Maybe it’s seeing my friends around me experience great things and opportunities that set off the light-bulb in my head. I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on with me. But I can tell you I feel a shift in the energy and it feels amazing.

First off, I have been able to get a lot of stuff down this week. The old adage “Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today,” was my anthem for the week. I was serious last week when I said, we make time for things (and people) we want to make time for. Housekeeping items, and errands I needed to take care of were completed in lieu of sleep and bs’ing around outside of class. I even set aside time this Saturday morning to blog, well in advance (last Sunday). By tackling my class assignments in an organized manner, I was able to knock them out early and still have time to study some extra material outside of that. This left me today to write this post as my heart intended to do and time to study some more later on.

goalsIn the midst of everything, I was still able to think of some things and ventures I’d like to go into one day. They can be considered goals I guess, I’m not going to beat myself if I don’t do them all though. Yes, I’m going to be a nurse one day, but I will not be doing that every day of my life. Besides traveling and raising a family, I need ways to fill my time besides relaxing (as fun as it sounds). I’m a Gemini who needs engaging things to keep my attention. I’ll probably need to keep my hands in a couple different ventures.

Some things that have crossed my mind are public speaking and writing a book, of course. The one big recurring idea I have is a podcast or local show with a diverse panel of women(backgrounds, ages, etc.) discussing a myriad of topics.  Most importantly to me, that panel will mostly be, if not all WOC. We go through a lot, we deal will just as much, and we need to be heard. This has been done before, I’m sure. However, I live in a city that is big geographically but still has a lot of small town thinking in a lot of folks (honesty). Change is order, and my city needs to put itself out there. While I do have one person in mind already, she doesn’t know it yet. Let’s just see how on point, her intuition is (lol)!

Like you, there are things I’d like to try, places I’d like to go and so on and so forth. Truth is, I don’t always know exactly how to make things happen. That is okay. For those, like me. I encourage you to take a step into the direction of your goals and dreams. Any step please, no matter how big or small you may think that step is. It may seem far-fetched, but sometimes stars will align when God or Spirit sees you trying to make a move. There’s nothing for you to lose but a welcomed opportunity or a well-learned lesson. As with most things, the choice is yours. Follow your heart.

Much love, light and blessings,


4 comments on “Goals…How Many of Us Have Them?”

  1. I got chills reading this!

    I created a blog called “Box This” celebrating the diversity of black women last year but sadly I’ve left it abandoned because of. ..stuff lol.

    If you’re looking for someone to link up with, I’m your girl cause this is a subject that’s so near and dear to me as well!

    We’ll chat more though. I’m loving the blog so far!


    • Thanks, I appreciate the love but please start your blog back up (I’m going to bring it up until you do). We need some more of ‘that’!Lol. But yes, we will be talking some more about this, let’s see what we can do.

    • Lol. I’m trying to get back into the right head space to restart my blog. I’m just not there yet. Or maybe i just need to force myself to jump back in.

      Either way, keep up the great work here and we’ll chat later!

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