I hope all is well with everyone. Things are great over here on my end. At this point, I’m just counting down the days until the semester is over. While I’m wrapping things up on the school front, I’m still gently toiling towards my goals. If you remember the other week, I talked about goals and some personal ones of mine. In this week’s post I’m going to share with you, the little things I am doing now in order to meet them.


Specific or significant

Measurable, meaningful,  or motivational

Attainable or Achievable



For starters, I hear this acronym all the time in nursing school. We need to keep our goals smart when we develop care plans for patients to deliver the best care possible. Now, while I’m tired of hearing this damn acronym inside and outside of the classroom (thanks, Malissa), it works. I make sure my specific goals are realistic and achievable given my resources.  They are measurable (Did it get done or not?) and timely (Did I get it done within my suggested time frame?) Of course, you can tailor this to your specific needs, but you get the gist.

Another thing I am doing is staying focused. Focused on my small (or short term) goals, that is. The big ones are great, and all, but how can I expect to reach my long-term goals if I can’t even meet the smaller ones. I know we want to jump right in, but, sometimes we need to pace ourselves. Life is not a race and neither are your goals. Sit down, have an honest moment of truth with yourself and figure out what you really need to work on and accomplish FIRST. Then doing your due-diligence you can work your way up.

Procrastination…. I’m letting it go. It just prolongs the inevitable and with all the things I need and want to do, I simply don’t have the time to procrastinate.Why put off until tomorrow, what you can do today? I don’t know about you, but when I put things off until the last minute, I experience unnecessary stress and time-constraints I could have easily avoided.

pen to paperSome other ways I’m making things happen, are by writing them down. Sounds silly, but let me tell you the magic of pen and paper is real. For months I was sitting on both a brand new planner AND calendar I wasn’t using. I paid for items that were just sitting and taking up space on my desk. One day I had the bright idea to dust them off and write down any assignments and items I needed to take care of in my planner and important dates in my calendar. To my surprise, every single thing I wrote down got completed when it was supposed to. Before, I was trying to keep everything in my head, but, the way this memory is set up…

Now with that being said, take a step in the direction of your dreams. If you want to start you own business, put in some type of effort. Even doing something as simple as doing research can get you headed in the right direction. If you want to start a business, study your target market or the actions you need to take to start an LLC. Take me for instance, I’m researching podcasts in regards to the equipment needed, platforms, etc. There are so many resources out there, all you need to do for starters, is Google, Bing, or AskJeeves (throwback). Also, there are plenty of private groups on sites like Facebook. I’m part of a few myself. In these groups you have the opportunity to network, obtain vital information, and share ideas with others who have similar goals and interests.

Once again, I encourage everyone with a goals and dreams of their own of your own, to take that first step if you haven’t done so already. Encourage the friend, who has so many great ideas, but no plan in sight. Take action, no matter how significant or insignificant you may feel it is. It all counts.

Make it happen.


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