The new year is upon us and per usual; everything is well. I’m still working on my goals of bettering myself in all aspects of my life. I have a nice little flow going on for the most part. Even when my positivity cup runneth over most days, I still have moments where I’m trying to keep myself from freaking out. Real shit. It is moments like these, where I have to decide if I should let the frustration of a temporary situation take over. Or I let my faith help keep me grounded.

Good things take time. Yes, we’ve all heard this before and there is some truth to it. And with that being said, we are not always trying to hear it though. I am no exception. My lack of patience sometimes gets the best of me. I have some things and such I’m waiting on and according to my ego, they’re not coming soon enough, hence the frustration. My most recent frustration stems from the amount of time it’s taken to find a decent part-time job or PRN position that would fit around my schedule. Sure, a year from now I’ll getting ready to start my first job as an RN, but right now I have a car note, cell phone bill, health insurance and other things that need to be tended to.

My faith and trust in divine timing are some of the things keeping me going and preventing from taking the frustration of what I’m currently dealing with out on others as well as myself. I shouldn’t stress or worry because I know that position for me is right around the corner. I try my best to stay positive  even if situations aren’t always ideal to my standards. It’s not always easy. Sometimes I have to pray and ask God and the Angels to send me some positive energy and guidance. After that, I give myself no choice but to let it go.

A friend told me once, ” Faith is not seeing with your eyes, faith is knowing with your intuition, with your heart, with your mind.” She didn’t tell any lies. Even if I don’t always see what I want in front of me right then and there, I know that if it’s meant for me it is on it’s way. As I stated before, sometimes good things take time. And while those wonderful things are heading my direction, I’ll be sure to take care of myself and keep the faith.


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  1. Man… I felt this with ever fiber of my being!!! I’m sitting here shaking my head with the ugly face waving my hand. Thank you. Thank you for reminding us (ME!) I’m not alone in the battle of frustration and faith.

  2. Yessss! Last year I struggled because I quit my job with no job but I had faith that God will send me something better and he did. It took a few months and I was doubting my faith along the way. But when I realized that he was making a way for me every month, my faith then restored. It’s so hard sometimes but patience is key. You’ve got it girl! This was great

    • I can totally relate. Except me and my husband did this, and sold our house, and moved our family to a new state. Lol. It’s slowly coming together and my faith has been the only thing that has kept me on the right side of crazy….

  3. This is so true, queen! Remain faithful… I am a living testimony that it works! I have overcome incest, suicide attempts, depression, low self-esteem and more by faith! Without it, it is impossible to please God or be happy!

    • Thank you Laquisha for sharing. Even with all you’ve experienced standing strong and pushing forward. May you continue to be an inspiration.

  4. You’re right. All good things come to those who wait. I know it can be frustrating, but have faith that something will turn up soon..and it will be something worth it. I hope 2017 is the start of great things for you.

  5. Faith vs frustration is something everyone struggles with because it’s easier said than done when you have kids who depend on you and bills that come every month right on time

  6. It is so hard to be patient sometimes. I am so ready to graduate so that I can get into what I really want to do, but I can’t do anything about that timing. Sounds like you have a handle on what you have to do to make your year great!

  7. Yes to ALL OF THIS! More recently, I find myself getting even more frustrated w/ my current circumstances, but I make it a point to remember where I was before & how God brought me through previous situations & will continue to be faithful – even when I’m not.

  8. Faith is challenging for so many people…One of my biggest challenges too, because of my impatience, but I am learning that being impatient makes me run away before I see the results that are on the other side

  9. YES!! I have definitely been here before. It’s like you have a feeling everything will work out and everybody around you is telling you the same thing—just hold on. Sometimes we are just over that song and dance. I do feel you. And I appreciate you being so honest and transparent about it. Because sometimes we do grow frustrated. But I do believe that your season is coming. Just hang in there! And before you know it, you will be sharing good news with us. Fingers crossed for ya!

  10. Great Post…and oh so real!! I think we all have to constantly remind ourselves that its in God’s timing and not our own. I have had PLENTY of lessons with this in the last couple of years! Im getting better but its still a constant struggle!

  11. My Bishop always says “I see you in the future and you look much better than you look right now.” It’s always that spirit of Faith that should guide us, but I know it can be rough when all we see is the present. Hoping for the best for you!

  12. Girl I have been there and sometimes I am still there. We are frustrated with the lack of the now and the uncertainty that the future will be taken care of. I get it. Trust I call on God and my angels to for assisting in my situation of need and surprisingly it always works itself out. I am genuinely going to send you some positive vibes and hope 2017 can bring you some amazing blessings!

  13. It is true, you shouldn’t stress or worry. Those are words that I live by, especially in situations that I have no control over.
    Great post.

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