Do you see the girl in the picture below? That’s me, alright. Except for the fact that I don’t have a fierce set of locs and the fur my girl is rocking was exchanged for a gently used Calvin Klein jacket that I got off eBay. Also, instead of a diner, I was at the Flying Iguana and Taqueria and Tequila Bar, sipping on what they call a Sangria Naranja and instead of a cake in hand, I was snacking on a Baja Fish Taco.It was a celebration and I deserved not only a moment to myself but a refreshing beverage to go with it, too.

These past few weeks have been bananas with school and all the exams I was subjected to. I hardly left the house except to go to class, or the rare night I forced myself to get out and join a few YANAsisters at a comedy show to see Jimmy Walker from Good Times. I hadn’t really had an adult beverage since New Years for fear of my brain cells, so when I finished my final exam on Monday (I got an ‘A’, of course), I headed to the Beaches to get some fresh air and indulge in my appreciation ( that’s what I’m calling it) for good food and drink.

Not only have I been apparently killing it this semester, but, guess what ladies and gentlemen? I have finally found a job! I’ll talk about it some in my next blog post, but, your girl has a job now! I’m so excited and grateful. This blessing came right on time too. You know tax refunds only last so long (Ha!).  Welp, I have a few more days of relaxation before I begin the second half of the semester, and you know I am going to enjoy every minute of it. Hopefully you’ll find some time for yourself too.

Until next time, stay breezy!





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