Where you been girl?!! Yeah, I’m sure we’re both asking ourselves the same question. I just looked at my last post date and realized that I haven’t posted in months! Neglecting you all and my blog was never my intention, but life happened. I have been so engrossed with work and school that my blog was put on the back burner. Still, with all I have going on, I have got to do better. And what a better time to start then now. So, without further ado, let me give you quick update as to what’s been going on with me last few months.

When I last posted I had just finished the dreaded second semester of the program only to begin the equally as dreaded, third semester a week later. It sounds bad at first, but no worries here. I managed to survive this past semester with my ‘B’ average in tow. Not only were my grades up to par, but I was also able to snag a scholarship for the Summer semester as well. I am however, patiently waiting to hear back about a scholarship for this Fall but I’m not sweating it though, as I know the school likes to takes their sweet time with these things. As far as work goes, I started my job at the hospital in June. It’s been quite the experience thus far. Although, it can be exhausting at times, I enjoy being able interact with the patients. I’m still debating as to whether I want to stick after graduation and make this hospital ‘a thing’ but only time will tell. Besides, I have to much to do like actually making it to graduation! In addition to working at the hospital, I was recently able to procure another job doing home health. Please, do not ask me what I was thinking, lol. I’m trying to balance all this out as best as I can. As Iong as I don’t try to over-extend myself I’ll should okay.

I have not only been working my little tail off this summer, but I adopted a dog named Cherry from the local shelter. I’m not sure exactly what she is breed wise but she’s a handful of happiness when she wants to be. And speaking of pups, I was able to take a road trip down to Tampa and spend some time with my aunt and her family (German Shepard included). We spent the weekend catching up, talking ‘smack’ and relaxing. I can’t wait to go back down there and whoop my cousins in bowling. I could use a little redemption.

Although, I’ve had a busy summer it’s time for me to gear up for Fall. The final semester of my nursing program begins next week and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. The closer I get to the finish line, the more anxious I become. I’m steadily trying to keep myself together though. It may get crazy these next few months but as long I stay grounded, I got this. My faith in God and the little efforts I’ve made on my end are seeing me through. hopefully things are going well on your end as well. But until next time, much love and light.



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  1. I understand what you mean, life can definitely get in the way especially if you’re a steady blogger. I wish you well with your last semester in your nursing program. You got this girl!

  2. Girl, life happens. You may have been gone for some time, but you were up to some AMAZING things! Congrats on securing those jobs! And good luck as you enter the home stretch of your nursing program. Many many props to you 🙂 You’ve got it!

  3. Awww I’m so jealy that you’ve got a dog! I have been meaning to get a dog for ages but with my job I travel so much and I’m just worried that I might neglect the poor baby!

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