Let me just jump right into it. It’s no secret that I’ve been gone for a long time. So many events have transpired since my last entry that it would be ridiculous to try to fit them all in this blog post. And with that being said, I’m not even going to waste anymore time. There have been many changes since I last spoke with you all. From the blog itself to my career. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’ve done a little overhaul of my blog. The visuals are different as well as the name. There was nothing wrong with the blog the way it was. I just felt the need to change the name to something that resonated with me more. Something that aligned more with my purpose and overall goals. With this alignment came Peace and Pipedreams.

Since the beginning, peace of mind has in all aspects of my life has been my end-game. This blog is one of the ways I not only document, but share the journey. We all know what pipedreams are. They’re the thoughts and dreams we wish to attain but may deem impossible for one reason or another. My hope is that we can outgrow that mindset into one that fits us much better.

Other changes include what I’m doing with my time now. In my last blog post I was in the midst of my final semester dealing with Hurricane Irma wreaking havoc across state lines. While my last semester wasn’t conventional by any means considering everything that had transpired, I am happy to report that I have since graduated from my program. Not only that, but I passed my NCLEX exam on my first attempt and am now a Registered Nurse.

I no longer work as a tech at one of the local hospitals. I changed directions completely and actually am working in the world of nephrology as a dialysis nurse. Crazy, right? Who would’ve thought this would be my introductory field, but I can say is that I’m enjoying the specialty thus far. I look forward to sharing in a future post how I ended up here in the first place, in addition to my transition out of training and being fully immersed in my new role as a nurse. I fully intend on getting back to regularly scheduled programming regarding my blog, as it’s been so long. Hopefully everything is going well with you all. Please take care yourselves! Until next time…


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