Why can’t people get their shit together? This is a question, I’ve unfortunately had to ask myself a lot lately. Not because it helps satisfy my curious nature, but out of sheer annoyance. You see, a month ago my only concern was enjoying a perfectly crafted vacation on the island of Aruba with friend. Everything back home was left at home. That was until, I actually had to come back home and deal with another aspect of my reality. That reality just so happens to include my job.

Baby Beach, Aruba

When I accepted this particular job offer, I was already aware of some of the difficulties of working there including it’s size, location, patients, staff, etc. At the time I was going to be working with a great manager. They were cool and I could tell I’d have know issues working under them. Of course, those circumstances changed over time and already challenging place to work became difficult with a capital D, without set leadership in place.

No job is perfect. Healthcare is difficult. Nursing in particular has challenges of it’s own especially as a new nurse. I get it. I understand and in some regards, I even expect it. On the flipside, when work is as stressful as it already is, why do people have to make it more difficult with the drama, selfishness, attitudes and inconsistencies. There have been way too many instances where I been at the nurse’s station overwhelmed, frustrated and pissed off to the point of tears. Not because of the job itself for the most part. But because of the people.Why can’t some people just come to work, do their jobs and go home? Why is there so much negativity? Do they know I’m not getting paid to do two jobs? Why am I hearing that this location in particular has always been like this and no one has done anything about it or held anyone accountable for their behavior?

Walking out isn’t an option. I have a license to protect, and most importantly my character wouldn’t allow me to do such a thing. I can’t throw my headphones on and listen to my affirmations all day like I used to at my old job as things are a tad bit different now. Now I know, crap like this can occur at any job. But sometimes you’re just over the bullshit. Not only are you over the bullshit but you’re over the inner conflict as well. I’ve felt bad for feeling the way that I do, especially with it being so early in the game. I asked myself if I should sit here and suffer in silence just because that’s just how things have always been? Am I supposed to feel bad as new nurse for thinking about chucking this shit the deuce already? I did not want to quit, the company I work for is decent as far as companies are concerned. But knowing I can’t continue to work in dysfunction every damn day, I reached out. I was at my breaking point.

Not one to shy away from speaking up and knowing that when you ask, you shall receive, I reached out to some people (internally). And low and behold, my concerns among others were taken into consideration. Hopefully things will improve by the time I return to work there. Now, where am I going, you ask? Well someone must have been been reading my subconscious mind and gave me the opportunity to work at a different location for a bit. They knew your girl needed a break. This temporary change will come with it’s own challenges I’m sure, but I’ll make the most of it. It’ll be a learning opportunity for sure and it will give me the opportunity to regroup. I think stepping away for a bit will allow me to return with a fresh outlook and renewed sense of positivity and optimism as well.

Enough with the venting. I know my concerns and complaints aren’t unique to just me. We all have to deal with workplace foolishness from time to time. It comes with the territory of not only working for other people, but with other people. I know that is not so easy to have someone you can go to regarding concerns and problems on the job. There are many variables that come into play and Human Resources can be a beast. With that being said, how do you maintain peace in the midst of chaos? How do you rise above? Sound off below!



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