My name is Erin and I am the creator of Peace and Pipe-dreams. I’m a daughter, friend, novice traveler, and a ‘trip’, as some who know me best would call me. I enjoy ‘cutting up’, spending time outside in the elements, and hanging tough with family and friends. In between life, work and school (I’ve graduated, yay!), I’ve been on a path to a spiritual enlightenment of sorts. My spiritual awakening came to me at one of the most difficult times in my life.

Once upon a time, I was in a very dark and negative space. Some relationships and friendships around me were strained, and a few actually ended up ending. My work environment was a hot mess and full of negative energy, some of which I played a role in because I had yet to see the lesson in some situations and respond accordingly. To say that I was unhappy would be an understatement.

It wasn’t until my relationship with one of the most important people in my life ended, did I finally begin my journey. I knew something deep down within me wasn’t right, and something had to change. I was sad and hurt, Sad and hurt because I not only hurt someone I cared about dearly, but because I had been hurting myself as well. I refused to allow myself to get depressed about the situation, though. I’ve been there before and I know firsthand that it doesn’t do a lick of good.

During one of my many reflections, I sheepishly came to realize that I need a lot of work and healing. I had to acknowledge and accept that I was holding on to many things in the past that I needed to forgive and let go of. I needed to acknowledge that at times I could be a bit self-absorbed and unsympathetic to the needs of those around me. I realized I wasn’t the great communicator I thought I was and that words can and do hurt. I had a temper, a temper that served absolutely no purpose. One of the most important things I realized is that while I have no control over what someone else says or does, I have control over me. I choose how I respond; I decide who or what to give my precious time and energy to. Once I dove deep and got to the root of my unhappiness and imbalance, I was able to begin making the necessary changes. Changes I needed to make in order to grow.

So here we are. Several months into this and I can honestly say I feel great on this journey to peace, love and happiness. I live more, I laugh more, and most importantly, I love more (myself included, flaws and all). And while this journey is never-ending, I feel like sharing my experiences along the way. Now, with that being said, this is my journey, my way, spiritually, as I see it.