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Life is a Carnival

Carnival Cruise to Nassau Bahamas

Yeah, life is a carnival cruise, that is. While the world was at work last Thursday, I was heading down to Port Canaveral towards a boatload of fun. Here, I boarded the Carnival Victory which was headed to the Bahamas, for a quick vacation and to celebrate my friend’s birthday. This was my first time cruising so I was […] Read more…

Purpose and Passion 2016

I officially returned from my trip to Georgia on Monday morning but with school, work and me being a bit under the weather, sharing my experiences with you all had been put on hold for a few days. I’m feeling better now so now I’m going to share my experience attending The Ultimate Retreat: the […] Read more…

Mountains, Meditation & More

Your girl needs to get away…unwind, relax, and connect. That’s exactly why I’m hitting the road this weekend and traveling over 400 miles from Florida to a Bed & Breakfast called the Dahlonega Spa Resort.Located just outside of Atlanta, near the Blue Ridge Mountains this resort offers Yoga retreats,mountain views with walking trails for outside enthusiasts, […] Read more…